Post: Real-Time Analytics Insight, Powered by the Cloud

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Real-Time Analytics Insight, Powered by the Cloud

A unique breakthrough serves to make good on the promise of real-time business intelligence.

Business intelligence has long suffered from a trade-off. Put your data in a data warehouse for performing Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) using complex queries and you’ll be signing up for at least two things:

  1. A complex Extract Transform Load (ETL) process that guarantees a burden on operational systems and the IT staff that maintain them.
  2. Built-in delays to analytic insight not only from the ETL process, but also from the time it takes to upload and aggregate the data your analysts need.

Modern BI has been a fishing expedition with analysts waiting — and hoping — for their queries to hook the right collection of information. It’s an arduous process at best, because it’s always a step removed from the live data. Business intelligence solutions don’t work with the operational systems where insights actually live.

And yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

Real-time Insight with Cloud BI

The cloud provides a springboard to real-time access because, as a platform, the cloud is of unlimited size and scale. This is why virtually every modern database system — from Oracle to MongoDB to Postgres — has simple commands to replicate instances. Where those instances live is up to you as an administrator.

At Orbit, we recommend you replicate to the public cloud.

Why? Our engineers have developed a breakthrough way to pull operational data — in real-time — into the cloud for analysis without using ETL tools. We think our new Cloud BI solution will precipitate a major shift in the way organizations implement BI and analytics in the years to come.

We recently wrote a white paper to describe the process. Sound intriguing? Download the paper now and then request a full demo of Orbit Cloud BI today!

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