Deliver Data Insights from Your CRM

Integrated Salesforce and Pardot reporting

Data from Salesforce and Pardot is essential for measuring your marketing and sales performance. When you connect Orbit to your CRM, you get the insights you need to generate leads and close deals. A user-friendly drag and drop interface makes it easy for you to create and share them in reports and dashboards.

Dive deep into the data

Build interactive dashboards that let you drill down to the lowest level of detail. Synchronize with your Salesforce to get immediate answers from your sales data. Since it’s completely web-based, you can access data insights at any time and from any device.

Connect to other data sources

Analyze Salesforce and Pardot data with other applications, like marketing automation, customer support, or ERP systems, without having to manually exports and imports files. You can create reports and dashboards that present Salesforce and Pardot data in context with other applications and sources.

Keep licensing costs down

Salesforce requires a license key for every user. But with Orbit, you need only a single login to access data. There’s no need to purchase additional Salesforce licenses for reporting and analytics users.