Immediate Answers from Your PeopleSoft Data

Real-time HR reporting

You need up-to-the-minute access to PeopleSoft data to obtain an accurate view of HR operations. There’s no time to wait for IT to create or change reports. With Orbit, you can run ad hoc reports directly from PeopleSoft, without writing a line of code.

Easy self-service reporting

Drag and drop fields, add formatting, conditionals and calculations quickly. An intuitive report builder makes it simple to create pixel-perfect reports from your PeopleSoft data for sharing and presentations. Plus prebuilt HCM reports come right out of the box, so you can get started right away.

Connect to all your HR applications

Integrate your PeopleSoft data with other applications and data sources, on premise or on cloud. If your employee data is spread out across applications like talent management, time keeping and payroll, with Orbit you can connect to it all.

Your PeopleSoft data stays secure

HR data needs to stay secure. Orbit leverages the same security and authentication rules as PeopleSoft, so you can safely share the reports, dashboards and visualizations you build with your team, while meeting your organization’s security and compliance requirements.