Migrating from Other Reporting Tools

Over the years, we’ve worked with several customers helping them migrate from legacy reporting tools to Orbit. We provide hands-on support to migrate reports from your existing reporting tool, in addition to helping you take advantage of unique features of Orbit.

Live Access to Your Financial Data

The only complete solution for Oracle Cloud ERP Financials reporting, GLSense provides built-in Microsoft Excel integration with leading ERP software. Directly integrate your ERP financial system with Excel to build financial statements and expedite your reconciliation and close processes.

Orbit Analytics Integration

Real Time Drilldown to Your Subledger Data

Improve your reconciliation process and achieve a faster period close with complete drilldown from balances to subledger with hundreds of pre-built reports.

Data Security and Governance at Orbit Analytics

Simple and Secure Report Distribution

Do everything inside Excel. Fast, easy distribution of financial reports without switching between applications.

For Cloud Financials, EBS, and NetSuite

Build financial statements from live data in Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle EBS Financial reporting, NetSuite, and more.

Migration Assistance

Based on your reporting and analytics goals, we start by conducting a comprehensive gap analysis. In addition to migrating existing BI and reports, we also evaluate the new reports you’ll need.

Ease of Implementation

We are experts at understanding databases and can help you do the proper translations – making your migration seamless. Our end goal is to give you the data that your business users require, in a format that is easy for them to analyze.

By doing your migration the right way, Orbit reduces your implementation time, increases user adoptions, lowers your TCO, and sets you up for long-term success.