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Orbit Analytics Cloud, Software as a service (SaaS)

If you want to run your reporting and analytics solution in the cloud, Orbit has you covered. Orbit Cloud BI enables the same set of features that is available in on-premise Orbit deployments. You can access all of your reports and business analytics – anywhere and anytime – and in the process gather insights.

In short, Orbit Cloud BI is a cloud-based, self-service analytics, and data warehouse solution with real-time data replication – built for the enterprise.

With Orbit Cloud BI, business users can access data from multiple ERPs, build and share business intelligence reports from within Excel (using real-time data) and do financial reporting on the cloud. It also comes with cloud-based data management and data warehousing capabilities.

Live Access to Your Financial DataOvercome BI Chaos with a Managed Cloud BI Solution

The only cloud self-service analytics and data warehouse solution with real-time data replication – built for the enterprise. It’s cloud BI that’s designed to meet the needs of both business users and the IT teams that support them.

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Ready to load and go. Leverage the advantages of the cloud and start delivering insights to business users in weeks, not months or years.

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Cloud BI designed to meet your unique needs. Access all your data, on-premises and in the cloud. Scale to multi terabytes of data.

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Simplify the number of BI tools you support. Orbit handles the infrastructure, patches and upgrades, reducing your TCO.

Cloud Excel Reporting

XLEdge is an extension of Orbit Cloud BI that enables you to pull live data from one or more applications into Microsoft Excel, so you can populate your reports with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

With XLEdge, you can control access to your data and reports. Orbit leverages your existing enterprise security policies, so it doesn’t require duplicate security or user setup when you use XLEdge. When Orbit fetches and refreshes data in Excel, it will only update with the data that users are permitted to access with their role-based authentication.

A business user can run these reports on-demand or submit them through the Orbit Scheduler. If you refresh your data, XLEdge will automatically retain all of the custom formatting, calculations, charts, and pivots that you had taken the time to build.

Cloud Financial Reporting

Finance departments across the world use Orbit Cloud BI to do financial reporting on the cloud.

Typically, finance leaders use financial software like Oracle cloud ERP Financials, Oracle E-Business Suite or NetSuite Financials, to act as a single source of truth for all financial data.

But it is not easy to generate financial reports or conduct analysis on GL data within these ERP tools. Finance users often turn to Excel spreadsheets to analyze GL data, often drilling down multiple levels to check on key data or generate insights. But using just Excel will result in a lot of tedious manual work and may result in costly errors.

Orbit offers a tool called GLSense that integrates with Excel. Whether you are running period end closes or performing general ledger account analyses, you need real-time access to accurate financial data. GLSense integrates with your ERP to give you up to the minute financial data, directly inside of Excel.

GLSense is available with Orbit Cloud BI and is designed to help finance departments do the following with ease: 

  1. Access financial data in Oracle Cloud ERP Financials Cloud, E-Business Suite and NetSuite; 
  2. Build instantly refreshable reports and financial statements; 
  3. Drill down to live GL transaction details, without leaving Excel; 
  4. GLSense users can access all their user-defined fields within Excel; 
  5. Simple and secure financial report distribution;

Cloud Data Management

Manage your mission-critical application data better with Orbit Cloud BI. Data is the backbone of any business intelligence process. It is important to ensure the safety and accessibility of data with backup, disaster recovery, archival, compliance, security, and searchability.

With Orbit Cloud BI, business users can access data from multiple sources – both cloud-based and on-premise. Orbit Cloud BI integrates with the ERPs and systems you currently use, supporting hundreds of data sources such as Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Taleo, Salesforce, and many more.

We can help enterprises easily scale to conduct analytics on multi terabytes of data. This is especially important for operational reporting and analytics.

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Cloud Data Warehousing & Auto Scaling

Orbit Cloud BI’s data warehousing solution enables loading data from several heterogeneous sources into a central repository for analytics for effective decision-making and is at the heart of business intelligence. Providing access to current and historical data, it helps businesses analyze current performance and strategically plan their future. By using the techniques of data mining, analytical processing and information processing, the tool can extract, clean, transform, load and refresh data. Enjoy higher data consistency, better query performance and cleaner data using Orbit.

With Orbit Cloud BI, you can minimize the number of BI tools you need. Additionally, we take care of the infrastructure, patches, and upgrades, reducing your overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Orbit Cloud BI is also extremely efficient; Business users can start realizing value within weeks, not months.

Our data warehouse auto-scales to support multi terabytes of data, taking the processing load off your production systems and freeing your team from managing infrastructure.

Security on the Cloud

Orbit Cloud BI leverages multiple security layers.

Multi Cloud Options

Orbit Cloud BI can securely be hosted on AWS, Oracle, IBM, Azure and other cloud services.

Cloud BI & Analytics

Orbit Cloud BI is extremely fast, flexible, and cost-effective.


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