Introducing Orbit Cloud BI

Live Access to Your Financial DataOvercome BI Chaos with a Managed Cloud BI Solution

The only cloud self-service analytics and data warehouse solution with real-time data replication – built for the enterprise. It’s cloud BI that’s designed to meet the needs of both business users and the IT teams that support them.

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Ready to load and go. Leverage the advantages of the cloud and start delivering insights to business users in weeks, not months or years.

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Cloud BI designed to meet your unique needs. Access all your data, on-premises and in the cloud. Scale to multi terabytes of data.

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Simplify the number of BI tools you support. Orbit handles the infrastructure, patches and upgrades, reducing your TCO.

Autonomy Business Users Demand,
Security and Governance IT Requires

For Business Users

Unlock the potential of your data, understand insights from your past, make better decisions today and plan for the future. Orbit puts your data in your hands, giving you immediate insights and reducing your dependence on IT. Create rich dashboards, drill into details and explore advanced analytics. Orbit makes it easy.

For IT

Orbit puts you in control by delivering a fast, secure, and cost-effective reporting and analytics cloud solution while satisfying business unit needs. Simplify your complex environment and quickly provision and configure BI across all your environments and data sources, while adhering to enterprise data governance policies.

Fast Cloud Analytics

With GLSense, you can quickly build financial statements within Microsoft Excel. When you create a new statement, it will automatically populate with live data from your company’s financial system.

You can connect to key business applications to get a complete view of your required month-, quarter-, or year-end in Excel. GLSense integrates with your ERP’s general ledger and sub-ledger modules to make your close processes more efficient, accurate, and reliable.

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Cost-effective Cloud BI

Reduce BI chaos in your organization with comprehensive reporting and analytics. Orbit complements the ERPs and security models you currently use, with a data warehouse and BI solution built to enterprise standards. You can simplify your complex IT environment, reducing the number of BI tools you support.

You don’t need to worry about capital expenditures. Getting started is fast and easy, with a cloud BI and data warehouse solution that’s prebuilt and ready for your data.

Orbit Cloud BI

Designed for the data you use today – and tomorrow.


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