Human Resources Analytics

Actionable insight into your workforce

Employees are your most important asset. HR relies on timely, actionable intelligence to attract them, place them in roles where they will succeed, and drive long-term value for your company. The right HR analytics solution gives you the power you need to identify key trends, spot risks and improve performance.

Integrated HR analytics

Orbit integrates with leading applications like Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Taleo, Fusion Cloud and dozens of other HCM platforms. If your employee data is spread out across applications like talent management software, time keeping and payroll, with Orbit you can connect to it all. 

Timely, accurate HR analytics

You don’t need to go to IT every time you want to build a dashboard. An easy-to-use interface makes building dashboards and visualizations easy for HR staff. Get started quickly with hundreds of prebuilt HR reports, or customize them to meet your needs. Click through any visualization to drill down into the details. 

Leverage your existing HR security

HR data is sensitive data. Only the users you authorize should be able to view it. Orbit leverages the same security policies as your ERP. Users can only view the data their ERP credentials allow them to see.

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HR Analytics: What Is Your Data Saying About Your People?