Orbit Excel Edge: Get Live, Secure, and Real-Time Reporting Directly in Microsoft Excel

Excel Edge Reporting

Orbit Reporting and Analytics fully integrates with Microsoft Excel, enabling real-time, secure reporting from various applications in your company.

Microsoft Excel is Arguably One of the World’s Most Utilized Data Analysis Tools

But the moment you export data into Excel, it begins to age. If you rely on Excel data, you are at risk of using stale information and making decisions based on outdated numbers. Also, information exported to Excel lacks the same level of data security governance that you apply to your ERP and other enterprise applications. This creates security vulnerabilities, making it easy for the wrong eyes to access your sensitive data.

Excel Edge is an extension of Orbit that enables you to pull live data from one or more applications into Excel, so you can populate your reports with the most accurate and up-to-date information. With Excel Edge, you can:

Orbit Analytics Excel Edge
Maintain Security with Orbit Analytics

Control Access to Your Data and Reports

Orbit leverages your existing enterprise security policies, so it doesn’t require duplicate security or user setup when you use Excel Edge. When Orbit fetches and refreshes data in Excel, it will only update with the data that users are permitted to access with their role-based authentication. When a user wants to fetch, view, or manage reports within Excel, they will simply need to log into Excel Edge using their Orbit credentials. This protects your data and sensitive reports from unauthorized users while giving you access to the same content that is available to you in the web-based Orbit application.

Get Live Data and Interactive Analytics On Demand

Once you log in through Orbit Excel Edge, you can browse, select, and run any Orbit report directly from Excel. You can access and generate the operational reports that you have built in Orbit. You can also select from the more than 1,000 finance, HR, supply chain, and other pre-built business reports that come with Orbit and are certified for Oracle E-Business Suite. Run these reports on-demand or submit them through the Orbit Scheduler. If you refresh your data, Excel Edge will automatically retain all of the custom formatting, calculations, charts, and pivots that you had taken the time to build.

Orbit Analytics Data at Your Fingertips
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Never Miss an Important Insight

Don’t overlook important data. You can schedule data refreshes directly from Excel Edge to ensure that you are always working with the latest information. And, of course, you can manually refresh data at any time.

Keep Excel Power-Users Productive

Some of your co-workers may prefer Excel to other reporting applications. It’s been around for decades, is easy to use, and has a familiar interface.

Excel Edge allows your Excel masters to use their favorite tool in tandem with Orbit’s enterprise-level reporting and analytics. With Excel Edge, they can add live data to their Excel arsenal so that they can base their decisions on real-time information.

Edge also eliminates multiple versions of the truth by regularly refreshing with live data and keeping your team on the same page

Excel Power Users
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Orbit has made our lives easier. It’s very easy to use, manage and support. Our development time for creating reports has decreased dramatically. My business users are happy because they can use the tool themselves and get their reports quickly.

NAMITA JINDAL | Senior IT Application Delivery Manager
Intelligrated Systems – A Honeywell Company

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