Data Security

Data Security and Governance

We believe that business users – from the analysts to departmental managers to the CEO – should have access to real-time data that gives them a 360° view of their operations to make fact-based decisions.

Orbit Analytics Integration

Real Time Drilldown to Your Subledger Data

Improve your reconciliation process and achieve a faster period close with complete drilldown from balances to subledger with hundreds of pre-built reports.

Data Security and Governance at Orbit Analytics

Simple and Secure Report Distribution

Do everything inside Excel. Fast, easy distribution of financial reports without switching between applications.

For Cloud Financials, EBS, and NetSuite

Build financial statements from live data in Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle EBS Financial reporting, NetSuite, and more.

Data Security for data protection

Data security is the next layer of access controls, i.e. data security rules can be defined and applied on user roles restricting the user from accessing certain data. Orbit Reporting & Analytics empowers your users access to data in your ERP and other corporate applications while enforcing data security rules defined in respective business applications.


Row-Level Security for data access policies

Orbit Reporting and Analytics solution provides row-level security by enforcing automatic data filters as a predicate clause while construction of the SQL query to be issued. These data filters are defined and associated with data models and defined to be triggered based on user or application roles trying to access the data.

Orbit also supports data security defined using database data security features such as Label security also known as VPD policies.

Column Level Security for data access policies

Orbit Reporting and Analytics supports configuration of column-level access controls to keep your sensitive data fields safe. You can define access rights to users or application roles.


Data Masking for data privacy

Orbit Reporting and Analytics solution allows dynamic data masking by implementation of database functions to restrict access to sensitive data for non-privileged users. You can configure Data Masking on specific database fields specifying how much sensitive data can be revealed to privileged users based on your data masking policy.

Report Output Security for data safety

Orbit Reporting functionality can generate and password protect printable and template based outputs like pdf and excel. You can also configure security settings to prevent unauthorized access to report outputs via web links.

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