Data Governance

Data Security and Governance

We believe that business users – from the analysts to departmental managers to the CEO – should have access to real-time data that gives them a 360° view of their operations to make fact-based decisions.

Orbit Analytics Integration

Real Time Drilldown to Your Subledger Data

Improve your reconciliation process and achieve a faster period close with complete drilldown from balances to subledger with hundreds of pre-built reports.

Data Security and Governance at Orbit Analytics

Simple and Secure Report Distribution

Do everything inside Excel. Fast, easy distribution of financial reports without switching between applications.

For Cloud Financials, EBS, and NetSuite

Build financial statements from live data in Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle EBS Financial reporting, NetSuite, and more.

Data Governance for data security

In the context of business applications, data governance and data security are a set of controls and authorization rules ensuring data access and security. Data governance at an organization’s macro level involves users authentication by single sign on and user authorization provisioning and data security implemented by individual business applications.


Role-Based Access Control

Orbit’s governance and data security functions allow setups on how users access data and run reports to meet your organization’s governance guidelines and policies.

Orbit comes with integrations with leading ERP softwares like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle ERP (Fusion) Cloud, Peoplesoft, Netsuite etc. to automatically synchronize the governance rules and data security profiles of your existing users and applications roles.

Orbit access controls allows user restrictions to application menu functions based on role permissions.

Data Stewardship

Data stewardship refers to the ability to ensure that there is oversight of all data assets of an organization.

Orbit’s governance policies and procedures ensure adherence to organization-level requirements related to data models, data sets, data flow, and overall ensuring data quality.


Data Delivery

It is not enough if your reporting and analytics ensure data governance at a platform level. This data is obviously being delivered through e-mail, FTP or SSL. Orbit is designed to ensure that your organization’s governance rules are adhered to when data is being delivered through any of these layers. 

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