Business Intelligence

In the new BI Age, “taming the superpower lets you be the hero” but BI superpower is not a single tool anymore; it is a platform with a plethora of modules catering to different types of data needs. 

Data Management has become an important module because the need to aggregate data from multiple business applications and quantification of new metrics is key to derive multi-dimensional analytics. 

The ownership of data analysis is shifting from IT to business analysts and picking the right solution for your requirements can be tricky as this decision is fueled by two opposing forces, corporate IT imposes standards on the delivery of data and reports to ensure a single version of truth, and business analysts want empowerment to create their own reports by gaining access to data.

Because Orbit takes into consideration both the point of view of the business user and IT, it is the number one choice.

Live Access to Your Financial Data

The only complete solution for Oracle Cloud ERP Financials reporting, GLSense provides built-in Microsoft Excel integration with leading ERP software. Directly integrate your ERP financial system with Excel to build financial statements and expedite your reconciliation and close processes.

Orbit Analytics Integration

Real Time Drilldown to Your Subledger Data

Improve your reconciliation process and achieve a faster period close with complete drilldown from balances to subledger with hundreds of pre-built reports.

Data Security and Governance at Orbit Analytics

Simple and Secure Report Distribution

Do everything inside Excel. Fast, easy distribution of financial reports without switching between applications.

For Cloud Financials, EBS, and NetSuite

Build financial statements from live data in Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle EBS Financial reporting, NetSuite, and more.


All modern applications, de-facto, are rendered on the browser. Orbit Web LIFE (Lucid interactive front end) is the primary interface empowering the business user’s self-service reporting and data analysis without the need for coding.

BI Engine

Orbits foundational core is a powerful schematic layering technology. This unique metadata driven software design provides the ability to derive dynamic real-time data models and also provides the flexibility to present and personalize based on user preferences.



Scheduling is a process of planning any event or job at a required time. On a technical front, scheduling helps in automating the required procedure for refreshing processes, reports, or jobs on regular or required intervals. 


Orbit presents data simply and intuitively so that you can analyze trends, see which areas of your operations need improvement, and predict where your business will go in the future.

KPIs and Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) need to be monitored and reported continuously in real-time, whether you are looking at project management KPIs, human resources performance, financial performance, operational and supply chain performance, or IT operations and project execution.


BI tools support collaboration and are often necessary to summarize and analyze data.


We believe that business users should have access to real-time data that gives them a 360° view of their operations.

Embeded BI

Orbit can be embedded within your proprietary software to deliver real-time business insights to users.


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