Self-Service Advanced Analytics

Envision the future with advanced analytics

Combine your data with advanced analytics to forecast operational outcomes, model business scenarios and improve strategic planning. Orbit applies sophisticated techniques to help you spot trends and make predictions. Inbuilt integrations with R and Python enable you to create interactive visualizations that support multidimensional predictive analysis.

Analytics across all of your data

Since Orbit is database agnostic, it integrates with all of your key business systems and allows you to aggregate information from multiple data sources to uncover trends and patterns. Report on your data wherever it lives.

Real-time business analytics

Extract valuable insights that help you drive innovation, boost operational efficiencies and increase revenue. In just minutes, you can aggregate data from any source into reports, dashboards and visualizations. Orbit executes a best-path approach that optimizes database queries to return to return results fast.

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Transforming Your Data for Analytics