Self-Service Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Orbit is a self-service analytics platform that enables you to discover trends, patterns, correlations, and outliers in your data. You can use these insights to predict where your business is headed and adjust your strategies to be more successful.

When you combine your data with advanced analytics, you can better forecast operational outcomes, model business scenarios, and improve your strategic planning.

However, many executives and managers only have access to static data. While this data is useful for your day-to-day operations, it is not enough to show you where you might go in the future.

Also, many analytics tools are complicated and difficult to use. They require IT expertise to view and analyze data. They also fail to sync with all of your business systems, which limits your ability to see everything that is happening in your company so you can make forward-thinking decisions. Orbit is a self-service analytics platform that empowers you to analyze data from across your company. 

With Orbit, you can:

Plan for the Future with Predictive Analytics

Orbit applies sophisticated techniques to make predictions and spot trends in your data. Orbit has inbuilt integrations with R and Python – two of the most popular programming languages used by statisticians and data miners. R is used for statistical computing while Python is a general programming language used by data scientists. With Orbit, you can look at your data and then model different input variables to see outcomes based on various situations. For example, how would your sales be impacted in six months if you added reps in an understaffed region and a new competitor entered the market?

Orbit Analytics Advanced Analytics
Orbit Analytics Analyze Information from All of Your Data Sources

Analyze Information from All of Your Data Sources

Since Orbit is database agnostic, it integrates with all of your key business systems and allows you to aggregate information from multiple data sources.

By maintaining data tables as components, Orbit executes a best-path approach that allows SQL to fetch queries and extract data efficiently. This empowers you to quickly build interactive reports, dashboards, and visualizations that support multidimensional predictive analysis.

For example, you can combine financial and sales data to gain deeper insights into your projected gross revenue. Then, you can layer in data related to your inventory and customer support resources so that you can predict its impact on your profit margin, based on sales volume in various scenarios.

Fast, Flexible, Self-Service Reporting

Orbit makes it easy for you to find a quick answer to any business question.

With Orbit, you can build both operational and ad-hoc reports – at any time and from any device. You can run reports that you have already created or choose from the 1,000+ pre-built Finance, Supply Chain, and HCM reports that come with Orbit.

Orbit’s user-friendly interface allows you to build, run, edit, and analyze reports – without help from IT. Orbit makes it easy to gain the insights you need to improve your processes and meet your business goals.

Orbit Analytics Data at Your Fingertips

Create Analytical Reports and Models with R-Statistics and Python

Orbit allows you to leverage the R Statistics and Python libraries embedded within its BI server. This gives you the ability to create predictive analytical models with the metadata layer, as well as build reports with advanced analytical visualizations.

Improve Your Decision-Making With Real-Time Business Analytics

Orbit’s self-service business analytics gives you the flexibility to interpret data without help from IT. In just minutes, you can aggregate data from any source into reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Then, you can extract valuable insights that help you drive innovation, boost operational efficiencies, and increase revenue.

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